Autodesk 3ds Max
Autodesk 3ds Max, (formerly 3D Studio Max), is a professional 3D computer graphics program for making 3D animations, models, games and images. It was developed and produced by Autodesk Media and Entertainment. It has excellent modelling capabilities, we can model & animate almost any man-made & nature's creation like the human beings. It is the most preferred software by the architects & the interior designers for its flexibility & outstanding capability in texturing, lighting, materials adding & high-quality rendering.
It is frequently used by the video game developers, TV commercial studios and architectural visualization studios. It is also used for movie effects and movie pre-visualization.
In addition to its modelling and animation tools, the latest version of 3ds Max also features shaders (such as ambient occlusion and subsurface scattering), dynamic simulation, particle systems, radiosity, normal map creation and rendering, global illumination, it has a customizable UI, and its own scripting language.
We provide training in all the modules prepared by the experts in the "Autodesk Academic Program", keeping in mind the exact requirements of the role / position that the candidate shall play in the design industry on completing this course.
Training Agenda:
Our specialists have taken utmost care in preparing the training modules separately for "Interior Designers" & "Exterior Designers". Students can opt for any one of these two modules while joing the course.
Who can join this course?
Practically any candidate with Matriculation and above can learn this software with excellent placement facilities.
Duration: 01 Month (02hours/day)
Course Fees: Rs 6500/-
Certification: "Certificate Course in 3ds Max Design"
General Content
Introducing 3Ds Max, Importance of 3Ds Max for Civil/Architecture Students, Customize Menu-User Interface, Load Custom UI Scheme, Lock UI Layout, Show UI, Custom UI Default Switcher, Units Setup, Creating all type of Standard, Extended, Primitive objects, Creating all type of Standard, Extended, Primitive objects, Creating Doors, Windows ,Stairs, AEC Extended, according to parameters, Creating Doors, Windows ,Stairs, AEC Extended, according to parameters, Creating all types of shapes like Circle, Line and Ellipse, Rectangle,Arc, NGon, Text, Donut, Star, Helix, Convert all solid objects into Editable mesh, Convert all shapes in Editable Spline, Creating Compound Objects, Creating Doors, Windows frame, Panel, Glasses using Boolean, Creating Doors, Windows frame, Pannel, Glasses using Editor Spline.
File Menu - New, Reset, Save, Merge, Edit Menu-Undo, Redo ,Delete, Clone, Move, Rotate, Scale,Select All, Tool Menu-Mirror Array, Align, Group Menu-Group, Ungroup, Attach, Detach, Snap Toggle, Angle Snap Toggle.
Importing AutoCAD 3D Building Model File in 3Ds Max, Applying Standard Light, Photometric Light in 3D Model view, Applying Standard Light-Target Spot, Target Direct, Omni, Mr Area Omni, Free Spot, Free Direct, Sky Light, Mr Area Spot, Applying Standard Light-Target Spot, Target Direct, Omni, Mr Area Omni, Free Spot, Free Direct, Sky Light, Mr Area Spot, Applying Photometric Light-Target Light, Free Light, Mr Sky Portal, Applying Light Lister, Applying Camera(Target, Free) in 3D Model view, Applying Material in 3D Model view, Example-Glass, Marble, Tile, Gold, Aluminium, Colour, Silver etc. Rendering Model View using Default Scan line Renderer, Rendering Building View using Mental-Ray Render.
Different types of Lens and Effects in Light, Creating Road Night views using Spot light and Lens effects, With path and without path Animation of an object in Particular frames.
Creating Inner wall, Door with Frames in AutoCAD to Exterior Building Model, Creating Inner Wall, Door with Frames in AutoCAD to Exterior Building Model, Importing Exterior and Interior building model in 3Ds Max, Setting the furniture in rooms according to its requirement Double Bed, Dressing Table, Sofa-Set, Soap-Case, Computer Table, Dining Table, Setting the AC, Fridge, LED, Computer, Fan, Modifier-Hair and Fur, Free From Deformers, Parametric Deformers, Modifier-Mirror, Melt, Smooth, Mesh Smooth, UVW Map, Unwrap Map, Turbo Smooth.
Creating AVI Movie, Creating Blanket with Bed and Table Cloth using some special modifiers, Creating Curtains using special modifiers.
Rendering Menu - Render, Render setup, Rendered Frame Window, Radiosity, Light Tracer, Exposure Control, Environment, Effects.
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Just Dial
Just Dial
  • Sai Sankar Pattanaik
    Sai Sankar Pattanaik
    Student, Softcad World
    “I am sai sankar pattanaik . Student of Gandhi Institute of Technology And Management (GITAM),Bhubaneswar of mechanical branch. I have done autocad at softcad world, It is very good institute. And I learnt autocad very welly at this institute....”
  • Satyabrat Gaan
    Satyabrat Gaan
    Professional, Softcad World
    “Presently I am working at Shipping Corporation of India and I did the Creo (PRO E) course at Softcad World. The training was good with a practical blend and reflecting industrial applications. My experience has been really worthwhile here and hereby wish them a bright future.”
  • Md Ibrahim
    Md Ibrahim
    Student, Softcad World
    “Myself md ibrahim from of engineering,hyd(2010-2014) in electrical and electronics as stream. I joined autocad in softcad world.its a good platform for technical students to get their goal easily...”
  • Sadjyot Biswal BITS Pilani
    Sadjyot Biswal BITS Pilani
    Student, Softcad World
    “Completed AutoCAD, Creo & SolidWorks. The facilities provided here are of the highest quality and the faculty members are not only well versed in their courses but also possess important teaching virtues like patience and dedication...”
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